Office of HUB & Procurement Programs

Welcome to the Office of HUB & Procurement Programs, a function within the System Offices. The Office offers a wide-range of services to The Texas A&M University System community. It is responsible for developing System-wide HUB policies and regulations, HUB Program strategies, System-wide HUB Program oversight, and assistance to System members' HUB Coordinators/Directors as well as faculty and staff to fulfill their obligations in complying with the HUB Program requirements.

The Office also serves the System Offices' department through the procurement of goods and/or services. The majority of A&M System Offices purchases are through major construction projects administered by Facilities Planning & Construction; however, departments within the System Offices departments are allowed to purchase goods/services within their delegated authority. For purchases over the delegated limit, our mission is to procure goods/services at the best value that enables the department to achieve its operational goals.

Last Update: 04.03.14
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